Sometimes you have a bad day. On that bad day you wake up to realize your phone is dead. Not the battery, but your entire phone. The phone that has over 26,000 photos and videos and is your link to the past. The phone that held the last correspondence from your ex-boyfriend whom you still … Continue reading Sometimes 

Let’s Do Something

Hey sweet friends. For the past few weeks I’ve noticed myself getting really indignant about what’s happening in the world. Unless you’ve been sunning on an island with no internet or data service, I’m sure you’ve heard of all the awful things happening in our country right now. We’ve got a young rapist who refuses … Continue reading Let’s Do Something

Live Longer, Get Paid More and Live Your Best Life With This One Secret

Happy Tuesday, y’all. Sorry for the clickbait but this is some true life stuff right here.   We’re trying this new thing over here at the Struggle, and it’s called “making yourself happy.” I know. New concept. But hear me out while I get on my soapbox for just a minute. This message is specifically … Continue reading Live Longer, Get Paid More and Live Your Best Life With This One Secret

Attention: We’re BACK

Sweet friends.   We’d like to take some time to issue a public apology for our absence. It’s been a slew of work-related, travel-related, sickness-related excuses for us for the past couple months, and we had to take a little hiatus. But never fear. The Struggle is about to be back and better than ever! … Continue reading Attention: We’re BACK

Tried It: I Slay

Sweet friends! A happy Tuesday to you and The Struggle is finally back in business. I have finally emerged from my Mucinex, Z-Pak, inhaler fogged shell of sickness and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to breathe normally by the end of the week. You would think that after 28 years of almost guaranteed … Continue reading Tried It: I Slay