Wednesday Wisdom

Kayla Istines is currently our fitness spirit animal. For those of you who don’t know Kayla, she’s an Australian fitness guru whose workouts have transformed the bodies of women around the globe – most notably my friend who just got married and my Art Director partner at work. After seeing the #transformationtuesdays I was skeptical. … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom

Where Is My Medal?

Happy Tuesday! Well, sub-par Tuesday because yes I’m gainfully employed which is the best but also it’s Tuesday and the weekend is still over and NY has fallen under a weird spell called “fall” and it’s cold. Like, really cold. Like, I lived in Massachusetts for 24 years and don’t remember how to dress in the winter … Continue reading Where Is My Medal?

Hello & Welcome

Hey sweet friends. Welcome to our blog. You had a ton of fitness blogs to choose from. Sorry you found ours. We’re two 20-something professionals trying to lose weight while living bi-coastal lifestyles that involve a lot (like a LOT) of free food. And food we pay for. Also we don’t really know what bi-coastal … Continue reading Hello & Welcome